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Family Lawyers In Dubai

Family Lawyers In Dubai

Family Lawyers in Dubai

Our divorce, child custody and family lawyers in Dubai fully understand the sensitivity of domestic affairs being a part of a well-known law firm. We deliver the family law services with a promise of confidentiality of your information in any case. Our Lawyers practicing in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and throughout UAE, guides people in solving the family disputes harmoniously or through legal action. We cover all the aspects of Family Law in UAE e.g. We have the best Emirati Family Lawyers performing in Dubai and throughout the UAE.

Divorce Advocates Dubai

An instance of legally ending a marriage. We will explain the reasons for divorce and determine the Post marriage responsibilities due to either party and resolve this either by mutual approvals or legal way.

Child Custody

This is a sensitive and critical matter after divorce. We will provide the best option to deal with the situation with Mutual agreement of both parties.


Our specialized lawyers Deal with All critical aspects of pre-marriage and post-marriage agreements with in-depth coverage of permissions of both parties.

Legal Adviser for Child Adoption:

The adoption of the child requires the safeguarding of the interests of the child. We interpret and standardize the rights of the child and the duties of the party towards that child.

Property Inheritance

Lawyers possess great expertise to deal with property inheritance issues. We study the case in deeper aspects and find out the appropriate solutions to facilitate our clients in a better way


Today people have less time to take care of their children. The frequency of this practice nowadays has brought some issues as well that needs a timely solution. We act as a bridge between two parties and make sure to reach on a conclusive point

Also, reed Criminal lawyers in Dubai


Alimony becomes a sensitive topic after divorce. We get involved in an efficient way to identify the responsibilities of one party towards the other and come up with a conclusive agreement in a short period.

And more.

We provide a detailed & comprehensive valuation of your case. Our lawyers are well experienced to deal with Marriage regarding matters as per every religion and custom. Mediation, Arbitration, and Amicable settlement is our first primacy for Separation & Child Custody but if the case is not decided mutually on amicable grounds then we offer a great value with reliability and faith. The Lawyers we possess in Dubai adopt a legal process however that would be acceptable for both parties without exploiting either party or causing damages to either party. This Law covers all the areas including Marriage, Adoption, Child Custody, Property Inheritance and more. Our Lawyers have extensive knowledge therefore capable of delivering quality and result oriented services.

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